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Mox & J.  includes multi-dimensional musicians Mitchel Paulson (rapper/vocals), Jess Bro (vocals), and Ryan Hayes (DJ/Producer).  After years of performing as solo artists and with numerous Twin Cities area bands, the three independent heavyweights joined forces in 2016 to create a sound unlike any heard on the local scene.  The debut album from Mitchel and Jess, The Mox & J. Project presents "Who We Are", has been released to critical acclaim and is available for purchase!  The buzz is rapidly building, reserve your seat on the bandwagon before it's too late... 

The Mox & J. Project

   "Who We Are"


      The official debut album from the Mox & J. Project, "Who We Are", is now available via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and more!  Click below to purchase!

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